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You Can Have A Home-Based Business In Yucaipa

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

You Can Have A Home-Based Business In Yucaipa What does it take to succeed as a home based business owner in Yucaipa (or anywhere) ?

I believe that the most important quality is dedication. I operate a direct sales business in my Yucaipa home. My network includes over 1000 X-ProteinMeal Shake distributors.

Many of my team members had never operated a home business before they launched theirX-ProteinMeal Shake business. However, they were committed to learning on the job. Perseverance is the key. Of course, they all brought the skills they had acquired in their previous positions and applied them to their new venture.

What are your skills? Do you work in the tech support department for a large San Bernardino online retailer? Are you a persuasive San Bernardino sales rep? Are you a Riverside domestic technician (stay at home mom) who is a multi-tasking pro?

If so, you can build an income-generating home based business and supplement your income.

If you would like to learn about the X-ProteinMeal Shake opportunity, you can email me at or call me at 909-725-9835.

Remember, small opportunities are often the beginning of Great Enterprises!

– Woody Andrews



Yucaipa Kids and Bug Bite Dangers

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Yucaipa Kids and Bug Bite Dangers Healthy Yucaipa kids love to play outdoors, but CA parents need to be aware of a potential danger: bug bites. The ability to tell a harmful bug bite from a benign one is essential to keeping your active Yucaipa child safe.

Flea bites are common in Redlands, San Bernardino, and Riverside. They appear as a rash on a child’s skin with individual raised spots that might have a puncture in the center. Yucaipa children will usually complain of itchy skin if they have been bitten by fleas.

Bee and wasp stings, also common in the San Bernardino area, can be differentiated by the number of stings. Bees only sting once, lose their stinger and then die, whereas wasps (as well as hornets and yellow jackets) can sting multiple times. CA homes often harbor wasp nests under the eaves.

The sting of a fire ant will usually cause San Bernardino kids to have a red hive that may develop into a itchy, pus-filled lesion. Chiggers, which are tiny arachnids, cause multiple itchy red welts on kids’ skin. Check your local Yucaipa drugstore for itch-relief products and watch the welts for signs of infection.

Ticks bites will cause an uncomfortable redness on your San Bernardino child’s skin and may even swell. Since ticks can carry harmful diseases, you should contact your Yucaipa area pediatrician if you child has had a tick bite.

My name is Woody Andrews and children’s health is very important to me.  I offer a fantastic nutritional product for Yucaipa families. Call me at 909-725-9835 if you would like more information.

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Exotic Pet Dangers In Riverside

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Exotic Pet Dangers In Riverside

Does your child have an unusual pet? Many Riverside parents have bypassed cats and dogs for pets that don’t leave hair, urine, or vomit on the carpet. Ease of care, however, is not always a wise trade-off. Riverside parents should be aware of the multiple health and safety risks associated with reptiles, rodents, ferrets, primates, and even fish.

The following list of pets and the possible dangers reads like a script for a horror movie:

Fish: infections that can cause lung disease, skin infections, and leprosy
Hamsters: a virus that causes irreversible nerve damage
Hedgehogs: salmonella, yersinia pseudotuberculosis, rabies, and fungal infections
Iguanas, lizards, snakes: salmonella (the animals themselves can tolerate levels of salmonella far greater than humans)
Monkeys and other primates: herpes B (can cause meningitis in humans), tuberculosis, serious injury
Ferrets: these fierce critters with razor-sharp teeth have maimed many children
Prairie dogs: tuleremia (often fatal infection)
African Gambian rats: monkeypox (smallpox-related disease)

The foregoing information was taken from an excellent U.S. News article which can be found at

With proper hygiene and safety precautions these pets may not cause problems, but it is important to understand the possible dangers. Consult an expert for comprehensive instructions on caring for any traditional or non-traditional pet.

Thanks for visiting my Riverside Children’s Health Blog. I sell many nutritional products for Riverside parents. For information about Xe Healthy Energy Drink and X-ProteinMeal Shake, contact me today.

– Woody Andrews

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Reinvent Yourself in San Bernardino

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Yucaipa MLM Secrets

Ok Folks,

Do you want to reinvent yourself in Yucaipa? This woman can show you the way.

The brilliant, friendly, and multi-talented Jeanette Brooks has never met a career she didn’t like. She has used her degrees (Bachelors in Speech Pathology, Master’s in Educational Administration) by working as an Aphasic Teacher, Easter Seals Camp Director, Diagnostics School owner/director and Speech Pathologist. (In case you were wondering, an Aphasic Teacher works with people who suffer with Aphasia, a debilitating speech disorder.)

As if those careers were not enough, Jeanette has also built three multi-million dollar companies!

Her current venture, MXI Corp., is exceeding all her previous successes. Jeanette L. Brooks is President and Co-Founder of Xocai Healthy Chocolate. This revolutionary direct marketing company is helping many San Bernardino men and women become financially independent by selling Xocai antioxidant chocolate to people in the Redlands and San Bernardino area and around the world.

Yucaipa Xocai fans are discovering that you can enjoy chocolate everyday without risking your health – as long as you eat Xocai antioxidant chocolate with Acai berries.

Independent Riverside Xocai consultants are profiting by helping their health-conscious Yucaipa chocolate customers lose weight and feel better by eating Xocai dark chocolate. Yucaipa people of our generation believe anything is possible – even a chocolate that promotes cellular health. When San Bernardino men and women hear about the health benefits of Xocai healthy chocolate, they say things like, “At last, a chocolate is actually good for me!” or “Someone figured out how to turn chocolate into a health food!”

I reinvented myself in 2008 by becoming a Friendly, Helpful, Honest, Sincere Yucaipa Xocai distributor with my own San Bernardino home-based health and wellness business. My Yucaipa team is called Team Xocaity and we are living our dreams!

Contact me at 909-725-9835.

-Woody Andrews


Great Tasting Artisan Chocolate In Yucaipa

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Great Tasting Artisan Chocolate In YucaipaFriends!

Get started today and boost your energy naturally with some Xocai artisan chocolate.

People around Yucaipa are finding that it’s not often that they can do something amazing for their health and still eat or drink wonderful healthy chocolate. A lot of companies tout artisan chocolate, but miss the mark on the health benefits that good dark chocolate can deliver.

Did you know that almost 50 percent of the cravings we have are for chocolate? The good news for all of you Yucaipa residents, is that now you can have your chocolate and get healthy at the same time!

Folks in Yucaipa are finding that not only can they finally do something to satisfy their cravings for chocolate, but they can also help boost their energy, while giving their body some extra nutrition and antioxidants, too!

Yucaipa residents never have to feel guilty with Xocai chocolate, either.

Xocai chocolate is a natural chocolate. It doesn’t contain any bad fats, dairy, fillers, preservatives, waxes or refined sugars. Amazing!

I love everything Xocai does for me! I can choose from a delicious piece of chocolate to satisfy my cravings, or I can drink the great tasting Xe Energy drink and feel energetic and alert without the caffeine jitters. I have to say that I love the Natural energy boost I get from an Xe Energy drink, and you will too!

Dr. Steven Warren once said that “Numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of healthy, dark chocolate. Of course, it’s crucial that any chocolate be processed properly to maintain its nutrient and antioxidant content. The good news is that Xocai healthy chocolate products provide just that.” —I couldn’t agree more; Xocai chocolate is a great way to eat a healthy snack that tastes great and is good for you!

Residents of Yucaipa, and the greater San Bernardino area can take pride in the fact that our packaging is
considered renewable or ‘green’.  We feel a responsibility for our environmental stewardship at Xocai, and work hard to make sure we do our best to protect our planet.

So San Bernardino residents, Yucaipa, Redlands, Beaumont residents, give yourself the gift of health; get your chocolate fix today, in a healthy way!

Give me a call at 909-725-9835 and I can help you get started on your own healthy journey with Xocai chocolate.

– Woody Andrews


SpongeBob Doesn’t Care About Your San Bernardino Child’s Health

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

SpongeBob Doesn't Care About Your San Bernardino Child's HealthDear Friends,

National and local San Bernardino food advertisers will sabotage your Yucaipa child’s health. Food manufacturers, like most San Bernardino corporations, are motivated by profit, not by what’s best for Yucaipa kids.

Their tools are deceptive language, cartoon characters, celebrities, and false promises of popularity. Yucaipa parents can help youth better handle the constant media barrage by teaching them:

The components of a healthy diet
The false promises of Yucaipa food ads
Nutritional balance and moderation
How to read and understand San Bernardino food labels
How excessive TV watching and internet viewing can affect health

If you encounter a local Yucaipa food ad that is deceptive, contact the San Bernardino Better Business Bureau. To complain about national ads, send a letter to the Children’s Advertising Review Unit, Council of Better Business Bureaus, 845 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022.

Nothing will change until San Bernardino County families unite to fight deceptive advertising aimed at Yucaipa children, Redlands children, Highland, Beaumont, Loma Linda children.  All children everywhere are affected.

For more information on how you and I can help with children’s nutrition in San Bernardino and Riverside County, call me today!

– Woody Andrews
email: woody@chocolatelovers4health
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Billion Dollar Chocolate For San Bernardino?

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

San Bernardino Weight Loss Chocolate Many Yucaipa people are considering starting their own home-based business. If you are in the process of researching your options, I urge you to consider becoming an independent Xocai healthy chocolate distributor.

I am Woody Andrews, and I share Xocai health chocolate in San Bernardino and the surrounding communities. It doesn’t matter if you live in Yucaipa, Redlands, or San Bernardino; Xocai is a hot seller all over the world.

Perhaps you are not a die-hard Yucaipa chocolate lover. What about your Redlands friends and Riverside colleagues? How many of them eat chocolate regularly? When you grocery shop at your local San Bernardino market, do you ever visit the candy aisle? Have you noticed the amount of space devoted to chocolate? What about the limited display area at the checkout counter? How many different brands of chocolate are sold in that coveted retail space? By 2011, the US chocolate market is expected to reach $18 billion. (Yes, that is a ‘b’!)

If you are a chocolate lover, answer this question: Do you stop buying chocolate during times of economic hardship? If you do, you are in the minority. Market research shows that chocolate demand is ‘recession-proof.’ Somehow, chocolate addicts find a way to satisfy their chocolate needs even when money is tight.

Can I point out another billion dollar market that is exploding in San Bernardino? You probably guessed that it is the health and wellness industry. The beautiful thing about Xocai antioxidant chocolate is that it fits into both categories: the chocolate and wellness industries. Xocai is healthy dark chocolate for both chocolate lovers and health supplement consumers. If you are unfamiliar with the nutrients contained in Xocai dark chocolate, see my Xocai website.

If you would like to review Xocai weight loss chocolate, contact me today. My phone number is 909-725-9835.

a healthy You contributes to a healthy world.


Yucaipa Acai Berry Chocolate

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

New Hot Business in San Bernardino Hello Friend, you’ve found the blog for the Yucaipa new hot business Xocai healthy dark chocolate.

Previous Xocai blog articles have talked at length about cold-processed cacao, the key ingredient in Xocai weight-loss chocolate. Today’s article focuses on another super food used in Xocai chocolates: the amazing berry acai.

Unlike berries grown around Redlands and San Bernardino, the acai berry is native to the Amazon rain forest and, unfortunately, is highly perishable. In fact, acai berries go bad within one day of being picked. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to buy acai berry juice for daily consumption.

Luckily, freeze-dried acai berry powder retains all the nutrients of fresh acai pulp and can be shipped to San Bernardino without harm.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN touted the acai berry and its health and skin benefits on Oprah several years ago. He said the acai berry is ‘one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world!’ The following information taken from Dr. Perricone’s acai berry recommendation is found on Oprah’s website. Dr. Perricone listed the following about the acai berry:

  • A remarkable concentration of antioxidants that help combat premature aging, with 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes and 10 to 30 times the anthocyanins of red wine.
  • A synergy of monounsaturated (healthy) fats, dietary fiber and phytosterols to help promote cardiovascular and digestive health.
  • An almost perfect essential amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals, vital to proper muscle contraction and regeneration.

Dr. Perricone, MD, FACN, is known as the Father of the Inflammation Theory of Aging and a clinical and research dermatologist.

Give me a call if you’d like to learn more, or email me using the address below.

-Woody Andrews


Easy First Bike For San Bernardino Kids

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Easy First Bike For San Bernardino Kids There’s a new way for San Bernardino kids to learn how to ride a bike. At first glance, balance or no-pedal bikes look just like any other kid’s bike. Look closer, however, and you notice that they are missing something: pedals.

In my Yucaipa neighborhood cul-de-sac, I have seen toddlers as young as two hop on these bikes, scoot around for a few minutes and in no time at all, they are balancing like a pro. San Bernardino balance bike sellers say that when a child is ready for the real thing, no training wheels are required.

If you are interested in getting a no-pedal bike for your child, don’t buy a size up. Both of your child’s feet should be firmly planted on the ground when he or she is sitting on the seat.

I promote children’s health and fitness in San Bernardino and sell a Healthy Chocolate, nutritional product that many Yucaipa families enjoy.

To learn about the top children’s nutrition pick of the year call or email me today.

-Woody Andrews
Yucaipa, CA

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Harness the Power of Xocai Chocolate In San Bernardino

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Chocolate Ancient Health Food It is generally acknowledged that the Mayans had the most advanced civilization on the American continent before the Spanish Conquest. They excelled in a number of areas including engineering, mathematics, architecture, and agriculture.

One of their valued crops was the equatorial cacao tree. The Mayans and the earlier Olmec civilization were the first known societies to recognize the potent nutritional properties of the cacao bean. It was regarded as a gift from the Gods and was believed to have supernatural powers. Cacao beans were used to make a bitter drink (‘xocolatl’) that was consumed for health and as part of religious ceremonies.

Dr. Steven Warren, MXI medical advisor and expert on geriatric health said, “These ancient peoples used the chocolate bean as the main ingredient in a bitter beverage revered for its nourishing qualities and ability to boost energy. It was also used to treat stomach and intestinal complaints, infections, fevers and coughs.”

Cacao beans were brought to Europe by Columbus and Cortes but, unfortunately, the nutritional makeup of chocolate products diminished with each successive processing method. The cocao beans were fermented, dried, roasted, alkalized, heated, and mixed with other ingredients such as sugar and milk. Each process kills valuable flavanoids or adds unhealthy sugar and calories.

The so-called ‘chocolate’ typically eaten in Riverside and San Bernardino has virtually no flavanoids left.

The patented Xocai cold processing method reverses centuries of chocolate manipulation and brings it back to the pure state enjoyed by the Mayans.

Xocai healthy chocolate is a natural plant-based product, not an ‘engineered’ food created in a San Bernardino lab.

By eating San Bernardino Xocai healthy chocolate in its minimally-processed state, as the Mayans did, you can also harness the power of Redlands MXI antioxidant chocolate.